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Sound installation presented at the gallery ICA SPACE in Bakuro Yokoyama in December 2018. We let the listener pour water into a fountain in the center of the gallery, record the sound of the water, synthesize the sound in real time, and divide it into multiple fragments to construct music. This work is a homage to Marcel Duchamp's "Fountain" as the title suggests. ​In Duchamp's work “Fountain”, the act of flushing water by the listener is based on a series of processes that lead to the reconstruction of the function of the viewer = creation by destroying the functionality of the substance. It was intended to lead to the redefinition of the meaning itself of the act by the divergence of the results.


2018年12月、馬喰横山のギャラリーICA SPACEにて発表されたサウンドインスタレーション。





Created  by  Ryohei Futamoto  ×  Ryo Iseki


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