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This is the second sound installation work that creates a sound image while synthesizing the sound of water flowing by the viewer in real time. This product is a SICF20 held at the spiral hall in Omotesando from May 1 to 6, 2019. It was exhibited on the C schedule. ​ This is a sound installation that listens to the water sound that is synthesized in real time as an interaction of the viewer's flowing water into the washbasin installed in the 1.65m x 1.65m booth. Viewers can hear the sound of the water they made through their main headphones, Since the sound of water overlaps as it flows, we decided to make the sound sequence musical depending on the pouring method and strength. On the other hand, from the headphones installed at the entrance of the booth, it was possible to listen to Duchamp's interview sound source that is played back in reverse, and it was designed to be played normally depending on the length of water dripping.

The main theme of this work is the recycling of the function as a material of the washbasin, but at the same time, the sounds heard by the person who drains water = the actor and the viewer who watches the action behind it are clearly different. This is a double-structured work that gives different impressions to the work.

created  by  Ryohei Futamoto​ × Ryo Iseki

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